Friday, 10 July 2015

Now and Here

One student went to see a master and asked:
If I become your disciple, how long would it take to become a master?
The master replied: about 3 years.
The student replied:
If I work extra hard and am supremely motivated, how long would it take then
The master: 5 years.
The student: I think you misunderstood. I am willing to work and study until late at night. Can i make it shorter than 3 years?
The master said: in that case it will take ten years
The student did not understand and asked for an explanation
The master explained. If you have on eye on the target, then there is only one eye left on the work and study you need to perform. That 's why if you are very eager to finish early, it will take you actually longer to become a  master.

I read the above story in book with Zen stories.
I think it contains such a great wisdom.
It makes me think of the religious fanats who spend all the time thinking about the hereafter.
Some of them even forget their duties here and now.
Some of them leave family behind to spend long hours in places of worship
Some of them forgo opportunities to help others because they are heading off to worship

If we always think about the hereafter,
We may forget about the here and now
With one eye on the target you may take much longer to reach
With both eyes on the target, you may keep stumbling and falling and not be aware why.

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  1. I shared this message on a community and got the response that we have third eye looking inwards. So true. The story is a bit of a simplification. But for the third eye to be fully active we may have to close both our other eyes.


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