Sunday, 27 March 2016


Oh my God,

Sometimes the most important of life's questions are playing in my head.
If i would be soon to die, would I feel I have lived a full life?
Would I feel I have lived and achieved my highest potential?
Would I feel satisfied with what I have done in my life
or would feel more regrets for things done or not done?

I surely have tried to be good at many times
but did I really succeed in doing as much as I could?

Did I give in to my tempers and laziness too often?

Reflecting on this, I remember the story of a man on his deathbed saying to his son who had renounced all wealth : my only regret is that i have not lived more like a saint...

When I reflect on questions like this, I feel I can offer a lot still to the world.
I still have a deluge of love and creativity flowing through my veins
I hope our Creator gives me the strength and opportunities to
achieve my next few big ambitions in the near future.... :)

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