Friday, 25 March 2016


I have a body weight that I feel is way too high for me.
I am currently at 88 Kg for a length of 183 cm.

I do exercise but not enough and after exercise I feel extra hungry.

I just got this idea to try to lose some weight:
Any time between 10 and 2 minutes before a main meal,
I will drink between 0.5L to 1L of water
Then I will eat normally.

I expect a few effects.
1. My stomach will feel full much earlier and I may end up eating less.
2. The water will dilute my food and allow a faster passage through my gut, less time for full absorption of all calories
3. The water will be absorbed or at least part of it and help circulate all good things in my body to reach even the most remote corners of my body. This will make me feel good, less tired, more keen on exercise

I expect a lot more effects but If even part of the three above are coming true,

Who wants to try the water diet together with me?
I will report on my progress in a week. :)

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