Tuesday, 15 March 2016


When we travel, we first choose the destination.
Then we carefully plan the best way to get there.

To compare our life to a travel is a bit of an oversimplification
Life is so much more complex and so much more multifaceted.

Yet many of us give not half the thoughts about our destinations
and our journey of life compared to how we plan our holiday traveling.

Our life is indeed so multifaceted:
We have a physical life (body) with needs and purposes to be fulfilled.
Then we have a mind that hungers for knowledge and development.
We have an emotional life with hearts, yearning to love and be loved.
We do have also souls, appreciating moments of quiet and blissful happiness.

If in any of these areas of our life, we have no destination in front of our eyes,
we may become just aimless wanderers as a traveler who sets out on the road
without knowing where he is going, taking randomly turns on winding roads,
perhaps hitting the very same place where he departed after a long long travel,
or even a place worse than the place where he left long time ago.

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