Friday, 4 March 2016


(inspired by Vishen Lakhiani)

If you try to smell the person sitting next to you on the bus,
you may very likely not smell anything or a specific brand of perfume

None of us would go out without taking a shower
to prevent anyone smelling our body
We use perfume and so on.

We really take care of our body

How about a stinking personality
When we are doing ward rounds,
so many times people  (including sometimes :( myself)  display a stinking personality
scolding nurses, scolding junior doctors in front of patients.

Are we not worried about people smelling our personality?
Let us take some care of that in the morning too.
A short time for reflection, for some gratitude and some good intentions
may make a world of difference.

A shower for our body
A shower for our soul :)

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