Tuesday, 11 October 2016


A praying soul
does not always get
what the heart desires

But it always gets
the strength to face
whatever is happening

Today i counseled some parents who had a newborn baby with trisomy 18.
Down syndrome is trisomy 21 and associated with a reasonable life expectancy.
Trisomy 18 on the contrary is called Edward syndrome and the huge majority of babies
die within 1 month after birth

The parents were praying for the child to be cured
They very most likely cannot obtain this impossible cure
But in the process of prayer, they are likely to find the strength
to face the things that will happen.

We do not understand the reason why babies are born with such problems.
Perhaps our brains are too small to understand all.

One thing, I think I do understand:
that a perfect world would be more of a curse
than a blessing to creative souls

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