Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mango juice

(inspired by a talk from W. Dyer)

Have you tasted mango juice?
There are people who never tasted mango juice.
If we try to describe to them how mango juice tastes,
it seems like an impossible task.
Mango juice tastes like mango juice

We could say something similar about love.
If we try to describe the experience of love
it is almost like an impossible task to do so accurately
We can become poetic and people who have experienced love
will get the meaning of the most beautiful love poems
but they may be of little help to those who haven't known love.

And then it is like that with spirituality too.
If we ignore spirituality (the presence of God)
No one can explain to you how it feels.
The more one would try, the more it may seem unreal.
We just have to open ourselves for some spritiuality
and experience it, taste it.

once we tasted mango juice, we will never forget how it tastes
once we felt love, we will never forget it
once we felt the presence of God,  we will remember it forever

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