Thursday, 27 October 2016

Potassium's wonder

Potassium, Kalium (K), that amazing element.
Inside our blood we have 5 mmol/L of it
If it would drop to 2 or rise to 8, we would be very likely be dead.

And yet in our cells, all our cells, we have close to 150 mmol/L of it.
98% of our bodies' potassium is inside the cells.
The membranes of the cells in our body work 24/7 in a most wonderful way
to keep the potassium inside the cells and to prevent us from dying of too much K in our blood.

Now at this moment, all the membranes of each cell in your body are working hard and throughout the day and night they go on! How they handle this element is a miracle

Then how our gut and our kidney regulate the total amount of K in our body,
is still more amazing, more unbelievably complex and superb.
A miracle of the highest order.

Please my friends and my students,
take the effort to read everything about potassium and its most wonderful physiology.

Then take it one step further and see how it interacts with H+
and the H+ and K+ with with Na+
and all of these with Ca++
and Cl- and the proteins
and the hormones

If we study from a point of awe, studying is a true pleasure.

Who still thinks this extremely extreme miracle of our body managing just to have enough of everything is a mere random event ?
Even for ones not believing in a God, it is logically undeniable that there is a creative force in the universe steering evolution. And please my friends, take a while to think about this. If we think we are regressing in today's world because of Trump or any real or would-be leader or politician, then think twice. We rarely see the positive changes in our world . But think or read about just 100 years ago. Think how people died of infections, how people treated others in research, how people treated orphans or children born to unmarried women, how many demons of the mind were kept alive by scholars to keep themselves in their powerful positions,...

Just think and see how fast we are moving forward.
Just think how much wisdom is shared daily and how much we tend inspire each other
Did this happen two hundred years ago?

Definitely we do still have plenty of problems in the world.
But how big, really, are our problems if we consider all
the good in the world, the superb beauty of the nature
and ...
the wonder that lies in potassium :)

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