Wednesday, 5 October 2016

From the heart

What I write here in this blog,
comes from my heart.

And somehow it feels good
to share what's inside.

To put it up in the open
for your friends, for absolute strangers

The thoughts that move me
The impulses that inspire me.

Just sharing what is inside
It brings some joy and some peace.

When I was 18,
I started a thought journal
It was only a wild dream
that ever my thoughts would be read

by people from all over the world.

From so many countries in Europe
From USA and Russia,
From India, Australia
And of course from Malaysia where I live

But it is no longer a dream
People from all these countries
have read some of my thoughts
Not millions, but quite a few thousands,
Perhaps each read not many thoughts
But what moves me
what inspires me
may move and inspire some others too

and it may be exactly that,
that generates the peace of mind,
that puts the joy in sharing these thoughts.

I hope many people
manage to express what moves their deepest center
All of us have our talents and deepest convictions
our unique experiences.
If we share what is in our heart,
it will make us feel good
and perhaps a few others in this big world will feel good too.

Wishing you peace
and love and harmony
and abundance and kindness
and bliss and excitement
and a wonderful expression of your thoughts and feelings

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