Saturday, 16 September 2017

At our fingertips!

In the last two decades, amazing things have truly happened. Quite suddenly almost all wisdom and philosophy from the past 2 to 3 millennia became available at the fingertips of anyone with access to the internet. When even as recent as 25 years ago, I read some reference on one of the old Greeks or other philosopher, I sometimes intended to buy or borrow one of their works on my next visit to the bookstore or library, but most often or almost always the intention got forgotten or did not materialize for other reasons. Now, if we read, for example, something about Demosthenes, we can google his name, find his whole speeches and very often also very well written summaries of their work.

Not only have these works become available at our fingertips, also there seems to be a wave of interest in them, generated by popular most often freely available educational website such TED-X, TED ed, Socratica, or popular media outlets.

Educational websites are so useful. Not only for philosophy but just about anything else too. Just yesterday I read something about a black hole and I immediately found a video on the topic, raising my understanding from almost zero to perhaps anywhere between 1 and 30%.

I do think wisdom and understanding of many things and with that increase in knowledge, understanding and wisdom will come tolerance and love, kindness and harmony. They are about to snowball into a wonderful world

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