Monday, 11 September 2017


Honesty, sung by Billy Joel,
what a wonderful song

Honesty playing in our mind,
what a wonderful word

And then I think:
do I really  manage to be honest ALL the time?

No matter how much I value it,
sometimes I catch myself with little lies.

It makes me feel like a bit of a failure:
betraying on and off a thing I cherish

But then we have to accept
we are all humans. None of us is perfect.

If we keep our values in front of our eyes,
at the surface of our mind as much as possible,
we may try to live up to our values as much as we can.
We may never succeed to respect our own values all of the time,
but the more we try, like training muscles,
the better we may become at it.

I pray, I hope, I keep becoming stronger at living my own values.
Honesty is among the most cherished ones,
I ask God sincerely to help to live it as much as possible...

The thing I have learned,
that reading about our own values,
being mentally busy with them,
makes them generally a bit stronger,
keeps them a bit more at the surface of our mind.

If we do not think or read about them,
sometimes they sink to deep depths of our conscience...

I love you
See you soon
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