Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What a dilemma!

Being faced with our own shortcomings and inherent human weakness
we are quite often reluctant to demand of others a very much needed improvement.
Surely if we actively try to obtain something from others,
they may turn around and point out our own weaknesses.

The ever important and ever true giant saying of
start with improving yourself first is standing strong.

However if things go obviously wrong and
just because we are far from perfect ourselves (we will never be perfect),
does this mean we have to remain silent.

Another important saying is
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to remain silent."

This is a dilemma: Good men keep silently improving themselves without ever reaching a state of true goodness (perfection) or Good men become a bit noisy and demand that others improve themselves along the way ? 

While writing this, I get the idea that demanding others to improve themselves may be a futile effort. It may be better to inspire. But then again some people are just in quite powerful positions and may never be inspired by good examples...

I have not good answer to the dilemma. 
If we follow the examples of great leaders,
we accept a risk and we are not silent about obvious problems... (???)

Please share your ideas in the comments section :)

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