Friday, 8 September 2017

The "good old times" (?)

Whenever I hear people talking about the good old times,
I get a shiver or two over my spine.

It just takes to read a few novels of 200 years ago to get an impression
of how "good" the old times were.

If we want to talk about good times, it is very clear to me
we have to talk about now.

Even though there is still a lot of vice and there are still a lot of problems
in today's world, life has changed for the better at an enormous pace.

The biggest blessing that humankind has received over the past few centuries
is the huge increase in love and kindness.

At first sight, we may not be aware of that, but if we examine a bit more closely
the past with all its greed, wars, crude discrimination, superstition and cruelties,
anyone should be able to conclude that love and kindness and wisdom has taken
major leaps forward in the last century and the last few decades.

Just thinking  about this,
and seeing what is happening,
I have become a strong believer that somehow
the world is moving towards a world filled with kindness and love.
The number of people getting the correct perception that happiness
is a by product of love and kindness rather than of greed and power,
is increasing 'sooooo' fast
Considering the rate at which kindness and love multiplies, it will not be too long,
that the ongoing kindness revolution will become a clear fact for anyone to see,
whether or not you believe in it now.

Let us play our active role and speed up still further this kindness revolution
by our daily random kind acts for family and strangers alike.

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