Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The world, one nation

If you follow the news about the USA and see the time spent on extremely trivial and stupid issues as the quarrel between Trump and the NFL players for not standing up during the national anthem, one cannot but reflect that nationalism/patriotism is slowly assuming religious extremist proportions in the USA!

Humanity is the race, the only one race.
The world is our nation, the only one nation.
If we need a flag at all, we need a world flag.
If we need an anthem at all, it would be a world anthem!
Let us design these things together.

Let us give up ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature through politics of division is fed to us since childhood to keep the powerful powerful. Our true nature gives us tremendous peace of mind and true happiness, only if we manage to sincerely love each other. Politicians all over the world do not want a loving world. They have been increasing ignorance by needless fear mongering leading to unnecessary wars. Then they want us to be proud of these wars (blind patriotism/nationalism) so when it pleases them, they can have another one.

Let us start to refuse this indoctrination of fear, this wilful maintaining of ignorance, of stupidity by greedy leaders and politicians. Let us become a bit wiser and work towards a world filled with love. The evolution of humans towards a higher level of wisdom is unstoppable. Soon a critical number of people, who refuse to even pay a dime of attention to this ridiculousness, who refuse to be taught, or even influenced by the stupid and the greedy; a critical number of people who are wise enough to rule the world as a nation of love will be achieved. And the space that stupidity is now still getting in media and all over the world, will shrink so rapidly, that an avalanche of kindness will make anyone, clinging to racism, nationalism, extremism of any kind, ashamed of themselves. since almost all will see the stupidity these things carry.

Please my friends, let us make a small competition on designing the nicest world flag/anthem. Put your designs in the comment section or better still if any of you, reading this can make a blog or website with a more formal competition to design a WORLD FLAG or world anthem, that would be great.


  1. Maybe a reasonable candidate for the world anthem could be this song of more than 30 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9BNoNFKCBI
    Written by Michael Jackson. Can we make it our collective dream to have a recording of the song, we are the world by voices, literally of all over the world. Just strong voices, does not have to be famous artists. :)

  2. totally agree



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