Saturday, 5 May 2018


Our scientists spend so much time and money staring into the cosmos and come up so often with amazing ‘discoveries’. I am putting discoveries between inverted commas because the reliability of their interpretations is at least a bit and most likely very doubtful.

If even within our own atmosphere our eyes are so often deluded by phenomena like rainbows, like a horizon where skies are meeting the sea, like the road looking wet at a distance on a hot day. We see northern lights, we have literally thousands of optical illusions that can make us perceive things as moving when they are not, look out of size and shape and unrealistically bright. Within our own solar system we were until very recently not sure about Pluto: was it a planet or not?

Surely what we see in the skies, is amazing and with telescopes we can see an enormous amount of lights and things. But how many of these so called discoveries require far going interpretations. Claims of billions of earth like planets prop up like weeds in a garden and we are not even sure how many planets there are around our very own sun.

And so much money is spent on ‘discovering’ all these things while within our own world we have not found the cure of cancer or Alzheimer’s, we have not even discovered how to be happy, we have not done away with the huge hunger and poverty in our world, we have not even found simple ways to live together in peace and harmony.

I think humanity will be served if we start to spend our money to take properly care of ourselves and all our fellow humans in a great and compassionate way. Let us get finally some of our priorities right!

Scientists want us to believe in the big bang but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists want us to believe particles are at different places at the same time but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists ...  the list may become inexhaustibly long. 

Being a doctor myself, I surely appreciate science a lot. There are amazing discoveries, we do understand; there are those we don't understand; and those about which we make theories that sometimes do not make sense; all of these only strengthen my belief in the existence of a creative Power, we call God, rather then weaken it. 

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