Tuesday, 1 May 2018


In You-tube there are many videos of conversations between atheists and believers.

It is astonishing how the believers, no matter how strong their belief is, are so often on the losing end of the discussion. Believing myself, in the reality of the existence of God as a phenomenal creative Power guiding the universe and our world away from chaos, I thought for a while why believers are often so poor in defending their belief.

Atheists claim to be men and women of logic, who are not accepting things that make no sense. And yet they have been forced by recent scientific developments, to believe that particles can change in waves and depending on whether they are observed or not will behave as particles or as waves, that particles can be at several places simultaneously and that they can move through any kind of obstacles without a problem (like a ball going through a window without breaking a window). These are things just resulting from studies regarding the material world. (quantum physics).

If all these things can happen to an electron in a piece of metal, is it any longer logical to claim that living beings are just following some simple laws they have discovered in nature. Consciousness; life and cells; the power of free will and mind; these are all functioning in a huge and much more complex way than the extremely small electrons, quarks and bosons that are still very incompletely understood. How many electrons can we  expect in a cell? How many cells in a body? How many interactions between all small and big building blocks of one human? Even if they BELIEVE that billions of galaxies and trillions of planets exist and think these things are the results of chance happenings, this makes much less sense that to believe in a constructive and creative Force.

Organized religion has indeed been abused throughout the ages for personal gains and power of those in control, resulting in lots of absurdities in terms of superstition and practices. The success of the atheists in videos lies in their attacks on these absurdities. However they are not successful in denying the existence of much more than our senses can perceive, they or not successful in denying the existence of a God.

In the comments of one of the videos, I wrote about the perception of love. Most people have felt love, without being able see or hear love. We can see and hear expressions of love but never love itself. Love is something we feel inside and because of that we know love is real; love does exist.
It is not hard to imagine that someone who never felt love would doubt whether love truly exists.

Now without saying that love is God or God is Love (even though the two have a lot to do with each other), there are millions of people who do perceive the presence of God, no matter what name we give to God. By making it truly silent inside and performing a prayerful reflection, we do experience a peace, a love, a wisdom and beauty that just flows in our soul. In order to experience this we have to have an open mind, and be able to make it quiet and then the spiritual dimension of humanity starts to make sense. We have to tune in, like we tune into a radio-station. Only if we are tuned in to the right frequency it makes sense, if not it is only noise. If someone never found the right frequency on his old radio that made only noise and noise, it would be easy to believe for such a person that radios are useless and those believing in radio-stations make no sense.

One response came from a hardened atheist, I suppose: he said that he had dreamed about a unicorn and therefore if my logic was true, he could claim a unicorn was existing. I replied that if his unicorn did not bring with it a huge peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom, that his unicorn imagery is just a bad dream. Spiritual experiences do bring these qualities along and are valuable to those of us who have kept our belief in God, our faith in this 'spiritual' creative Power, even though we may have thrown overboard the absurdities of superstition and excessive rituals that were indoctrinated by many of the people in power of organized religion.

I pity, to a certain extent, the people with a closed mind. They may dream of unicorns.They lock themselves out of extremely valuable experiences, that do increase peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom. And yes studies have shown that spiritual persons tend to live healthier and longer...

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