Tuesday, 29 May 2018


The story of judgment is not a happy one.
We tend to pick up our judgments from so many potential places.
From a preacher, from politicians, the news, from a pseudo-scientific website,
and the list goes on and on.
The problem is that once we made a harsh judgment, it tends to stick.
It tends to paralyze our flexibility, our thinking out of the box,
our empathy, our capacity for respect and understanding

Once a believer accepts the preacher's judgment that those who are not following this or that ritual, are doomed to hell, it becomes very difficult to even consider a standpoint of someone thinking differently and even give it a try to generate some respect for it or trying to understand it. 
Once an atheist judges the believers as stupid, addicted to illusions, it becomes very difficult to even consider the other person's belief might be of value or even give it a try to generate some respect for it or trying to understand it. 
Once a conservative starts the name calling of liberals and creates harsh judgment on them (indulging politicians rants) it becomes almost impossible to to consider the other's viewpoint as having some value or even trying to generate some respect or understanding.
The same for liberals versus conservatives, or any other polarizing concepts in this world. 

It is so extremely important not to allow persons of authority to spoil our minds, not to allow anyone to put the toxic venom of hatred in our thoughts. These things are often done by persons in power or authority in mean attempts to cling to their power. We have to guard the doors of our mind with utmost vigilance. Please my friends do not allow harsh judgments to enter your mind. If they are there already, do try to trace their origin. Once we recognize the origin, it becomes often possible to make them milder and to generate some respect.

I often dream of a world filled with harmony.
Please dream with me
We can make it happen.


  1. Will you subconsciously put judgement on Mr Trump?



    1. :) Yes, thanks for pointing this out :)

      Surely, we all do judge people in our mind. Without it, rational life would become virtually impossible. I think it is worth trying to check and balance our judgment of other individuals against all sides of the stories, especially if we keep an unfavorable judgment of someone in our mind. No matter how careful we do that, the subjective elements in all our efforts will still make it a "judgment".

      The type of judgment, meant in this thread was not so much about this kind of 'judgment' about individuals. All to often we make a judgment about groups of people, generalizations, often condemnations based on race, religion, nationality,... The not-happy part of the story of judgment is more in this realm. :)


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