Friday, 1 June 2018

Superb attitude!

The day before yesterday, I took a 'grab' car and the experience has been truly unique. The man who drove, was a body guard for a rich business man in Malaysia for a very long time. The boss, he protected had been really nice to him and had paid him very well. The driver mentioned that this driving he was doing for "grab", was just for charity. Everyday before or after work he would take a few rides and all money collected would go straight to his favorite charity, which was an orphanage in Kuala Lumpur. Every week he would visit the orphanage and his boss would double up on all money he had earned driving. If he earned RM 600 in a week driving, he would bring RM 1200 to the orphanage (an extra 600 from his boss). 

This story truly touched my heart.
There are so many good people in this world with a wonderful loving heart.
The story of this man really inspired me, and I hope it gives some inspiration to you too...

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  1. A body guard? does he look like a gangster? does he carry a weapon? ;P

    Only a person who have done similar selfless contribution will believe, understand and touched by such altruistic behaviour.

    Thank you for the sharing of such a wonderful story!



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