Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Masterpiece

"Make Every Day Your Masterpiece" (Coach Wooden)


I came across this wonderful quote yesterday.
And this is such a great quote, I think.
So true! Life is made out of time for each of us our time on earth is limited.
So every second, every minute, every day that we waste, we waste a bit of our life.

Today I was talking to my nephew almost 14 years old now.
I talked to him about making every day special.
I hope he got some inspiration from my small talk around this quote.

I think most of us want to lead a life of inspiration.
And so many times we manage to be in a certain level of flow
where creative thoughts and actions come to us easily.
However for each of us, there are times where inspiration runs a bit low.
These are the times, we need books, and quotes,
These are the times, we can climb on the shoulders of (other) giants
to reach tall and high.

Yesterday, I just did that: I googled the most beautiful inspirational quotes.
I find the above one and it helped me to get some inspiration in order to make
my today a bit more special than my yesterday.


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