Saturday, 2 June 2018


I read a story about a teenager learning how to fly a plane. On his first lesson he was given full control. He was so nervous, tense and stressed that the plane was going up and down erratically while his was pushing the controls. Then his instructor asked him to relax: " This plane is meant to fly; it was made in such a way that it almost can fly by itself. Stop touching everything and just relax for awhile". As soon as he relaxed, and stopped manipulating the controls, the plane flew steadily in a straight line through the skies. 

I like the story so much. Once he trusted the makers of the plane, he calmed down and everything went well. He remained alert and did what he had to do but gone were the tension and stress. 

Actually the deeper point of the story is about our heart and our soul. Our heart and soul were made to let us soar. Soar mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But how often do we truly listen to our heart and soul and truly trust this Creator of us? I share a small anecdote about myself, that happened just yesterday.

As most of you may know by now, I like to write on and off a poem, or at least a reasonable attempt at poetry. It so happened that yesterday I googled my pen name (Aufie Zophy) and found that someone had put up a Youtube video in which he had recorded in a sublime way one of my most famous poems on the net. ( )

My heart and soul were so excited about this, that I started to share it in my Whatsapp groups. But after sharing in two groups, I grew worried and a bit tense about what "they" might think and say. So I stopped after two groups. Gone was my excitement and here was some stress, of:  "will they like it?", "will the members of these groups talk behind my back?". Later when I read the plane story, I realized I had given up on truly trusting my heart. I imposed limits on myself because i did not trust enough my heart an soul. I could have shared with so many more friends but my lack of confidence, my lack of trust in our Creator, put up the limits because I grew tense and stressed. I know for sure that if I share things like this in a larger group, some people will not like it, because it is just not what they like, or because they do not like others to be successful. But I know as well that some other people will like it and feel inspired by it. 

So why put on limits on ourselves and worry about the negative thinkers? Let us share our own inspiring stories everywhere. There will be people who do not like things, everywhere. But many others will be inspired. So let us help make a positive difference right now and share your own inspiring story in the comments section of this post, share it in any of your other social media accounts. Stop worry about "they", what will they think? If you like it, the chances are huge that many others will like it too and feel inspired. 

Go on and act ☺😎

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  1. What a nice story of learning to fly!

    i remember your story of swimming in the sea during the monsoon storm,
    you were unable to swim back to the shore due to big undercurrent, no matter how much you tried.
    the harder you swam, the more depressed you get because it didn't move forward.

    and then you've gone exhausted, and gave up struggling.
    you inhaled deeply, and just float on the surface of the choppy sea,

    and dramatically, the waves on top of the sea sent you back to the beach for free!!

    equally amazing and inspiring!



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