Sunday, 3 June 2018


A superb diamond field waits to be discovered by us all
We will find it within our heart and within our soul 
So often these precious stones are left too far behind
To chase pleasures and money with our body and mind

A bit like the farmer who left farm, family and friends
To search for gold and diamonds in faraway lands
It was a mere year later, on his farm, just in the ground
That a huge diamond mine was actually found.

Oh yes my friends, in our heart and soul, deep inside
A bit hidden, lies the biggest field of peace, joy and light
So throw away the worry, stress and fear, play it smart
The biggest source of peace sits right there in our heart 

👆One of my newest poems😊
A small rhyme is incorporated
I wish you all Peace, the Peace with a capital P 
Let us make it quiet for awhile today and 
discover it right where it sits :)

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