Sunday, 3 June 2018

Morning Walk

The morning walk!

Just yesterday, I read one of my reflections, I wrote down in July 2015 (can find them in the archives of this blog on the right side of the page), now almost three years ago. It was about a morning walk I made and I had made the intention to do it every day. Of course the intention had faded with time and now it had been quite a long time that I had made no morning walk. 

So this morning, at 6.45 I was on the beach. There was just a narrow strip of orange in the sky, not so far from the horizon, but still the fresh air and the free massage of my feet on the wavy sand and the moving sea water, was inviting enough to make me go. 

I took a picture of the orangey skies and after a few pics, the battery of my phone was finished. I went to walk and the lively lovely hermit crabs were moving to-and-fro. I loved to see them and decided I will step on none, which, at certain places, was not easy, since there were so many of them. 

The skies evolved into a pastel color feast. The far horizon was a mix of softness of perhaps all rainbow colors one could think off, but then there was a broad strip of light blue sky that duly reflected in the light blue sea. A color of the sea, I had rarely seen before. The dark clouds had gone purple with splashes of a very special shade of yellow all over their bodies. 

I sat down for a while near the shore and let the presence of this beauty fully penetrate my body, through my pores, through my eyes, ears and lungs. I thanked our God and could feel the peace and grace that was never far away. 

I write it down here again. I make the intention to do it more often than ever. But it may take some time before I read this reflection and make some daily walks again 😉

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