Saturday, 11 April 2015


I remember reading the story of the University of Washington receiving a huge donation from a lady living in Chicago. When the University of Chicago people heard about this, they were a bit upset and contacted the lady to ask why she donated so much money to the University of Washington and not to them. The simple answer of the lady was: because they asked for it.

Asking for what we want seems to many of us so difficult.
As children we have not too many problems with that but
gradually after a few disappointments, we prefer not to ask
rather than run the risk of getting a no.

If we manage to put our ego a bit aside, a no is not really bad
If we do not ask, we are certain not to get what we wanted
If we ask and we get a no, we are still certain not to get it
So basically, logically nothing really changed, except
that we may be a bit emotionally upset for being refused something.

So next time we want something,
it may be worth to consider:
Does the potential emotional upset of a no
weigh up against the benefits of a potential yes.

If our egos are on the biggish side, 
the anguish of potential 'no's
may prohibit us to ask for what we want...

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