Sunday, 12 April 2015

From the mountain

Actually the meaning of my last name is "from the red mountain"
but that is not what this reflection is about :)

"we do not see the world as it is, but as we are"

I think the above quote is really so worthy of a deep reflection
Are we looking at the world from within 4 walls?
Are we seeing the world from our garden?
Or do we on and off manage to go the top of spiritual life
to see life from the highest levels possible?

Can you imagine how different you see the world from a mountain top than from deep within your kitchen?
Can you imagine how differently we can see life if we manage to rise to a certain spiritual calmness, a certain spiritual height that is often achieved to silent reflection.

Let us be aware that we see the world not as it is
but as we are, from where we stand
from where we stand physically
from where we stand intellectually
from where we stand emotionally
from where we stand spiritually....

This reflection is inspired by a chapter in book by Robin Sharma, titled leadership wisdom from the monk who sold his Ferrari. (wondeful book, fully recommended to read)

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