Saturday, 25 April 2015

The safety of the port

I read today in a book by Napoleon Hill:
A ship is safe in the port but the ship was not made to be in the port.

I think there is so much wisdom in the above quote.
Sometimes our ship gets damaged in the storms of life.
Then we need to keep the ship in the port to make some repairs.
But so many among us tend to cherish the safety of the port so much,
that way after all repairs are done, we tend to stay there for much too long.

Ships are made to be at sea.
Whenever at sea, the risk of more storms is there.
But through our previous experience we may have learned to navigate through quite some storms.
Life is meant to be lived to its fullest. By doing so, surely we have to take some risks and we will meet some storms. Our ship of life will get some damage and we  many have to come back to the port for some emotional repair. But then we step straight back into the risky business of living a life to its fullest. We learn to navigate better, to avoid more storms and if storms happen to navigate straight through them.

Never stay in the safety of the port for too long
Ships are meant to be at sea
Life is meant to be at least a bit risky;
dare to take the risk that is necessary to achieve your dreams.

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