Thursday, 23 April 2015

One year

One year of posting reflections on this blog.
200 reflections.

I look back on this activity with quite some satisfaction.
I did not get a million visitor. The total page views up to now is just above 7000 (this is excluding own page views). Statistically speaking, this is not a whole lot and I would sincerely like to see this be a few multiples of that number.

Whatever happens, these 7000 page views have happened. Some may have frowned, some may have shaken their head, but I very truly hope that some have gained a grain of inspiration, a speck of motivation or a few cents of valuable insights through these pages.

As for myself, I have enjoyed the process. It was RW Emerson who stated that man is only half himself, the other half being his or her expression. I think there lies so much truth in that. If we manage to express our deepest thoughts and feelings, it a source of peace of mind and joy.

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