Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ocean of truth

I was just reading a Sufi text that compared the Truth with an ocean.

If we look at the ocean, we can only see that part within our visual field.
But the ocean is almost endlessly bigger than that.
An almost uncountable number shores and coast lines
A vastness of expansion and depth

I tend to agree that our current understanding of the world
our understanding of life
our understanding of the universe
our understanding of quantum physics
our understanding of spirituality
our understanding of everything
reaches the size of a few drops in the ocean of Truth.

If we mange to look beneath the surface
a miraculous world opens up
but still we see with our limited vision and intellect
just a few drops.
No matter how high we deem our own understanding
we should never cease to explore the ocean of Truth
with an open and humble mind

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