Saturday, 7 November 2015

Driving differently

Many times when I am behind the steering wheel,
I calculate the estimated arrival time, based on the mean time spent to reach.
Then I try to pinch of at least a minute or two
and whenever I manage to do that I feel good about it.

This morning I drove to the hospital.
I was about to do the same
when I suddenly realized there is an alternative:
why not try to enjoy the journey as much as possible?
Whether you are on or two minutes earlier than usual
or not or even two minutes later, what does it matter?

So I put up a CD with some wonderful classical music
I listened to a piece of Mozart, Rossini, Strauss,..
I enjoyed the beauty of the trees and flowers along the road.
The skies were changing throughout the journey.
While i was in waiting for a traffic light I noticed a cloud
shaped like a fist. When it turned green, it looked more like an open hand.

I just went with the flow of the traffic
and amazingly when I arrived, the time I had taken was really short.

I thought that is the way I want to drive always
But tonight I had to go back to the hospital as I am on call.
When I think now.about my nighttime trip, it was back to old habits.

I am sure that I will try more to practice my new driving style from here on
It is a different experience.

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