Saturday, 21 November 2015

Paediatrician at 5

I am a paediatrician, not just simply a paediatrician,
a paediatrician in my heart, in my soul, in my mind, in my body.

I became a paediatrician when I was 5 years old.
Yes you read that correctly, 5 years old.

Not a paediatrician who was treating children at 5 years,
but I became a paediatrician at 5 in my heart and soul.
Only the one in my mind and body came a bit later.

I became a paediatrician at 5 years old because I was inspired.
A paediatrician from Aalst (Aloste), which was 30 km from Nazareth,
the small village in Belgium, where I lived.

That man inspired me, and I allowed him to inspire me.
There were many paediatricians in Gent (Ghent)
This was just 15 km from my village.
But my parents took me to Aalst, 30 km far.
They took me there because they liked the man, they loved him,
they trusted him, they had faith in his judgement and they adored him.

If your caring parents adore a paediatrician, how can you as a child do differently
When we went to his busy place we had to wait real long sometimes
but when we were let in, it was a sea of friendliness that welcomed us.
He never looked tired. Just his own fresh sea of kindness was allowed to flow.

He was not boasting. He was humble. He praised my parents
He praised me as a child. I was the bright little guy.

My mother was worried about my eating habits.
He asked her in detail about what I really liked.
He found some healthy stuff among what I liked and just
asked her to give me more of it.
He didn't think it was necessary to force tomatoes on me.

My parents liked him. I liked him.
And for just being such a nice and kind man,
he got money, not small coins, but notes.

I was inspired. I wanted to be a paediatrician.
Not just any paediatrician, but a paediatrician, a bit like him.
One that would be loved by parents and children alike and still get paid for it
I wanted to be a paediatrician in heart, mind and soul.
I became a paediatrician in heart, kidneys and soul at age 5
and yeah a whole bit later, I became a paediatrician in mind and body too.

If you meet a person, good enough to be a source of inspiration to you,
allow yourself to be inspired, let them reach deep,
let them reach and move your heart, kidneys and soul. :)

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