Friday, 20 November 2015

The biggest present

Yesterday, my newborn intensive care ward was busy.
My round finished at 1.15 pm, but then there were parents.
Their baby was very sick.

My stomach called me to go for lunch first
but my heart called me to talk to the parents first.
I managed to listen to and follow my heart.

We are never sure but from the facial expressions of the parents
at the beginning and at the end of counseling sessions,
we can have a decent guess on how effective the session was.

This time the faces of both parents had changed from extremely worried
to at least a bit of relief and acceptance. Our guaranteeing that whatever
happens, we will do the very best we can makes a change quite often.

It was their first child and, just imagining, this must have been perhaps
one of the very most stressful situations they have encountered in their lives.
They expected a healthy baby to be held, in mom's sweet arms
but there he was, in the incubator, connected to so much of equipment.

 When I reflected last night on my day and was searching for the best experience
I had had that day, there was only that one, jumping in front  of all other experiences.
Thinking about this session gave me this warm feeling in my heart,
my soul was at close to perfect peace and I was plainly happy.

Just making small sacrifices does make us happy,
happy in a very different way from the material happiness.
I think this is the biggest present we get from God.
True altruism does not exist.
The giver, the doer, gets always more than the receiver.
The giver, the doer, gets a huge present from God,
in the form of great peace of mind, a warm feeling,
moments of true happiness...

We were made like this!
Try it out today  :)

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