Friday, 6 November 2015


I love the leaves of the tree I planted
Not so sure the leaves love me back.
Still I enjoy to look at them,
to be in the garden in proximity of the tree.

A sparrow may love a gardener.
the way the gardener can love a sparrow
may be very different.

For 'in love', the 'in love' somehow needs to be returned
However for Love, the one with capital L
just one way
may be Okay

Love and 'in love' are completely different things
If in love is non reciprocal it is a nightmare.
Love on the other hand, the one with the big L can be one way.
So many mothers love their son or daughter without getting it back.
Still the Love with big L is more worth to them than giving up on them.

Unconditional Love....
I did not understand unconditional Love.
After having gone through years with a revolting teen,
I have learned so much about Love.
The one with capital L does not always have to be reciprocal

Just one way
may be Okay.... :)

Love can be tough, but if hatred is the alternative,
Love is still so superior.

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