Sunday, 24 July 2016

A wonderful deal

The cost of kindness
is perhaps some vulnerability
but even then,
it is still an excellent deal

I was sitting in reflection at the border an almost perfectly peaceful lake, surrounded by  almost perfectly peaceful mountains in the northern Alps. Somehow, an all encompassing kindness revolution in the world, is a deep longing of my soul.

Once we start practicing kindness, it is so gratifying, so rewarding. We get so much peace of mind. We were born with a heart full of it and if we give it away, the universe showers bucket loads of it on us and refills our hearts within seconds. At the side of the lake, I reflected on why so many people were stingy with the kindness that is so abundantly sitting in their heart. Is there any negative to being kind? Or are we just forgetting to be kind so oftentimes?

If any negative is associated with kindness, it might generate a certain vulnerability. But then, if the kindness truly comes from our heart, the vulnerability tends to be extremely limited. Very few people will respond to genuine kindness with harshness or evil. I think the risk and vulnerability generated by unkind behavior is much bigger than that of kindness.

And here I am not talking about the so-called kindness of many politicians. I am talking about being kind, genuinely to our fellow human beings.

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