Thursday, 14 July 2016

Do we need Steve Jobs to use an I-phone?

If you are in a hurry, there is a summary in the last paragraph

Do we need Steve Jobs to use an I-phone?
Steve Jobs is dead and we still use an I phone
Even when Steve was alive perhaps a million people were using
I-phones and had not heard of Steve Jobs at all.
And still they did all the wonderful things with their phone, that I-phones can do.

Today I was reading a book of Tolstoy.
The issue he discussed that people can easily love themselves.
They can easily love their close family
Many even love their neighbourhood
Love for the nation does not seem too difficult.
But he claimed that for loving the whole world we really need to love God first.

I tend to disagree a bit with the last statement since some of the biggest humanitarians can be found among the atheists. The question remains why? If we do not practice high morals because of God, then why still people become superb humanitarians?

I think the answer lies in the way we were made.
Somehow we were made in a way that pure bliss can be found in altruism.
No matter how rich you are and how many cool drinks you can drink at the poolside,
while it is enjoyable for a short time, it will not give anyone the bliss and peace of mind that lies in selfless altruism. This is how God has created us. Yes we went through evolution and we are still evolving. Great minds have shown us us great examples, but at the time they lived, we were not ready. Soon we will be ready to all be aware that that whoever searches happiness, bliss, peace of mind (these three do go together and perhaps do not truly exist without one another) will have to find it in altruism, selfless altruism. I believe that this is God's way, and because it is His way, that is the way we were created.

Now coming back to the question whether we need to love God first before we can become great humanitarians. The answer is clearly no, we can enjoy the pure bliss and peace of mind created by altruism, even without knowing God. We can surely use whatever can be found in our heart, mind and soul and enjoy the great bliss it brings without knowing our Creator. Acknowledging God and trying to get in tune with that great source of wisdom and creative force in the Universe makes life easier, I think, but no matter what you believe, not being aware of what brings pure bliss and happiness and peace of mind means unacceptable ignorance.

If we try to tune in, into that ever present creative force and source of wisdom in the universe, many of us call God, we may find that he created us in a very special way. We find pleasure (short lasting) in food and other physical or material gains (like most animals do) but we can find bliss, happiness and lasting peace of mind through selfless altruism and random kind acts. More and more people are discovering this giant truth and whether or not they believe in God, they still get the enormous bliss from their humanitarian efforts.  The wisest among us are the biggest humanitarians, whether we believe in God or not. Just as we do not have to know Steve Jobs to use the I-phone, we do not have to know God to make full use of our heart and soul qualities. (I myself believe strongly in our God and I think it gives a whole extra dimension to life.)

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