Friday, 29 July 2016

An acorn

An acorn that happens to be in the right place
can be the origin of a huge oak tree forest

The potential of a single acorn is huge,
provided it finds itself in the right place
in the right soil.

But whether the acorn falls in the right place,
in the right soil, depends completely on its luck
It cannot move by itself, it cannot choose the place.

The potential in each human being is like that in an acorn.
It is huge, hard to imagine how big the influence can be.
It needs the right place, the right nurturing, the right "soil".
We CAN make this world a huge "oak forest"
full of love, peace and harmony. Each of us CAN.

The big difference with the acorn, lies in our choice.
We have a choice. If the soil where we are is not good,
we can move.
We can move

We can move to a better place, with fertile soil
that awakens the potential, that fertilizes the potential
that let us grow, not only physically, but mentally, spiritually.
Let us move to a place, let us choose our friends and neighbors
from those who fertilize our potential
We can move
We can choose.

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