Saturday, 30 July 2016

Absolute closeness

I was about 5 years old
when I was diagnosed with appendicitis.

This meant an operation and 6 days of hospitalization
That time, even in the children's ward, there were strict visiting hours.
No-one was allowed to visit or stay with you unless it was visiting time.
Nurses were urging the children to finish the hospital food
often with a mild threat to keep you longer in the hospital if it was not finished.

My room looked out on the main entrance area
My mom arrived always the first, at least fifteen minutes before visiting time started
My heart was happy, I was proud my mom was always first.
As the crowd of visitors grew, she was standing closest to the door.
Then she came
It felt like heaven, Absolute love, absolute closeness
The two hours of heaven went all too fast
and soon it was time for another round of hospital food...

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