Sunday, 17 July 2016

Yes, of course, I am not stupid

Did you have a peaceful day, today?
Or did you have a peaceful day, yesterday?

Many times for many of us the answer may be "no" to the above questions.

The next question is why our life tends not to be peaceful.
And then we come up with a thousand reasons.
All reasons tend to lie outside of ourselves: the happening in Nice,
the world economy, the cuts in the budget, the stress at work
the nasty traffic, the crossness of my spouse or children
the friends who are not real friends, and so on, etc. etc.

And yet Peace, the Peace with capital P,
is just present in the air around us.
If we manage to make our minds calm and serene,
we can always allow peace to enter our minds

As humans we were somehow endowed with a fantastic gift
We are capable of rising above the flight or fight response to our external circumstances.
Enslaved on our instincts, most of the time we do not make full use of this fantastic gift
If the world around seems to go against us, we can take a few seconds or a minute,
to assess the situation with a positive mindset and avoid to let the stress hormones
to  rush freely though our veins.

Peace is all around is all the time.
Just look at the sky, whether it is pristine blue or covered in a mass of grey clouds,
the peace in the sky is there. Look at a tree, a flower, a stretch of grass. Even if you are in a room where you can see none of these, think about the love, the friendship, the wonderful message on your Facebook, the joke that made you laugh out loud. Peace is really never far away. Even if you can find none of these, we can always make our mind quiet, look deep inside of our heart, our soul.

All we have to do, is open our mind, open our mind for peace and let it in.
Let it flow in from the beauty outside and
Let it flow into our mind from the beauty of our heart and soul.
Not letting peace flow into our mind,
is like a fish swimming in the water, but refusing to drink.
Soon if a fish does not drink, his body will hopelessly shrink.

And that is exactly what happens to peace:
if we refuse to drink the peace that is around us all the time
If we refuse to open our mind and let peace in
our minds will shrink under the pressure of stress.

We have to be busy with peace
We have to be motivated to make our life peaceful
Many religions have a wish of peace
But power sick religious leaders often give the extremely stupid direction
to use the wish of peace only to the people of the same religion.
This is clear nonsense. Give a wish of peace to everyone you meet.
Do not just do it as a routine, but do it mindfully
if we utter the wish of peace (for Muslims it is assalamualaikum)
really try to think about its meaning, try to feel the peace flowing.
Try to imagine for a while you sending a few electrons of peace
a few photons of peace from your mind to your friend's mind.
How wonderful the world will become!

Let us today be busy with peace.
Open our mind to the peace from the world
Open our mind to the peace from within
Drink it, as a fish is drinking water
do not allow our minds to shrink
under the pressure of stress.

Love, look for beauty, be grateful for what we have
and experience the peace
If tomorrow someone asks: did you have a peaceful day.
The answer will be; " yes of course, I am not stupid!"

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