Sunday, 11 September 2016

Two amazing side effects

As Doctors, we are always worried about side effects.
However, sometimes side effects are simply amazing.

An amazing side effect of praise (previous soul sprinkle)
is that if we systematically try to give heart-felt praise
to another human on a daily basis,
we have to look for something nice, something good.

This will shift our focus, (perhaps from fault-finding,)
to finding positive things in others.
We WILL find more good things
and automatically this will lift up our level of happiness

Side effect 1: we will find more good things 

On top of that we will see all these smiles
on the faces of the persons we praise.
Making other's smile, makes us feel better too.
Another 'lifter' of our happiness

Side effect 2: we will see so many smiles

Aren't these amazing side effect of praising others in a heart-felt way?

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