Thursday, 29 September 2016


The youths of today...
So many times we hear complaints about the youth of today.
And yet...

Today I came back from KL by plane.
My son and his friend came to pick me up from the airport.
We stopped at the local mall for a quick meal and to buy something.
The friend of my son told that their ex teacher was working now in the mall.
They were keen to go and see the teacher.
The way they greeted the teacher and showed so much respect to him was heartwarming.

But then, the best still had to come.
When we went to the parking lot,
my son noticed people sitting in a car not far from where we parked.
He remembered that that car, when we arrived had its lights on.
He discussed with his friend and asked my permission to go and help them, since he had starter cables at the back of his car. He went to ask the driver whether he had a battery problem. Indeed they had. He went to park his car in front of the other and yes, with the cables connected the engine started easily. All the time I had been just sitting in the car of my son. The man with the battery problem wanted to give some money to my son and his friend and both of them did not take the money, saying they did it with "ikhlas", meaning they did it just to help.

I felt so good about this whole thing.
Thanks God for this wonderful present.

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  1. Next time if our car battery is dead because we forget to switch off the light,
    we know where to find an angel (with a cable) to revive the heartbeat of the car! :)

    Great job!


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