Saturday, 10 September 2016

The revolution, just around the corner

I have come to believe very much
that a kindness revolution is just around the corner.
I have come to believe very much
that soon we will see something disruptive
Disruptive to our greed
Disruptive to our ego
Disruptive to our society as we know it.

Helping your friend to get an A will become
so much more important than you yourself getting an A
We will care for mankind.
our identity will no longer depend on how much money we have
no longer depend on what our profession is, on what our religion is,
We will become unconditionally kind, unconditionally loving
Across races, across nations, across borders,
Borders will become a burden and we may do away with them at all.

Wisdom will be everywhere,
All of us will seek truth
And kindness, love and peace will be abundantly present
We will finally start to see our true nature.
Our true purpose of life.

It may look like just a dream,
but every day, I ask our Creator
to use me as a servant to help make the above dream happen.
Let us all join hands.
It may seem surreal,
It is OK,
if just you let the idea play in your mind for awhile
even for a short while, we have made
a major step forward to the realization of the dream

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