Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Sometimes we try to be good and to do good.
We may succeed to do some good things
We try hard,

But then one moment of stress and
many of the good things we did
are overwhelmed by one burst of anger

How much I want to live a life full of kindness
How hard do we try? Kindness, love, bliss
But on and off we become slave to our own shortcomings...

We are human.
Just trying without improving is not enough
We need to reflect, to think, to plan

We need to pray for guidance
We want to be kind, we want bliss.
Slowly we move forward.

Slowly we can eliminate more and more negativity
and build up a heart full of unconditional love
Unconditional love and nothing else.

A lofty aim.
Let us work hard
towards it.


Do you agree, do you disagree, please comment...