Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reflection 1

The power of reflection

Reverence is a deep form of respect.
It involves searching for the soul in every human we meet.
It involves looking for the value of everyone and everything we see.

If everyone was reverent for all forms of life at all time,
Imagine how beautiful the world would be.

But we are human and most of the time far away from such an ideal
Through practice, through exercise of our reverence for life, it can grow stronger
Just as muscles grow stronger with exercise.

Small bits of daily improvement can be achieved through daily reflection.
Just reflecting, thinking about our own day can work wonders in our life.
It is the basis of small incremental daily improvements (Kaizen)

So if we strengthen each day a bit our reverence for life
Through sincere reflection, imagine in a year how much stronger we can become.

We can set ten minutes aside for thinking about important questions like
1. What has been good in the past 24 hours
2. What was not so good in the past 24 hours
3. What can I do to get more of the good and less of the not so good.
4. How to deal with all these things
5. Life questions...

I like best to reflect in nature or during or in conjunction with prayers
Let us all reflect and make a small improvement in or life today....

I end with a wonderful quote from RW Sockman:

"Our growth depends not on 
how many experiences we devour, 
but on how many we digest."

Hope you enjoyed this reflection by Hans Van Rostenberghe
Feel free to share it, use it in any way (perhaps except for commercial purposes)
Will be grateful if you mention the link

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