Monday, 21 April 2014

Reflection 10 (second chance)

Second chance

If our children make major mistakes or go astray,
sometimes we feel we have to dissociate ourselves from them.
'You are no longer my child'...

Our egos are hurt, our disappointment is high.

But is that the best for our children and ourselves?

If we reject them in some of their biggest crises,
If we distance ourselves when they need us most
If we give up our huge responsibility at difficult times,
this may be indeed not the best.

Our children are responsible for what they do
But aren't we a bit responsible too?
At least a bit?
If had just known them a bit better, made a bit more time
pampered them a bit less or pampered them a bit more
perhaps the outcome would have been different.
Or taught them a bit more or spent some quality time with them a bit more...

If they are in deep trouble, they need more of assistance.
We should be happy if they give us a second chance to guide them better this time.
But in the mean time they will need our help and support to get out of the trouble they put themselves into. Anger and words like 'go away' are rarely helpful.

Just a few cents of wisdom, I think,

Hope you enjoyed this reflection by Hans Van Rostenberghe
Feel free to share it, use it in any way (perhaps except for commercial purposes)
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