Monday, 28 April 2014

Reflection 16 (insight)

Perfect insight

If we would get today, through a magic wand, complete and full and perfect insight on how we have lived in the past ten years:

How many people we have affected positively, how many negatively, how many smiles, how many tears we caused, how many good things we supported, how many not so good things, how many times we thought through our actions, how many times we followed blindly, how many times we condemned, how many times we praised, how many times we complained,, how many times we were grateful,.....

Would the balance be giving you a smile, or a frown?
Perhaps difficult to answer, because none of us have this perfect insight right now.

But still a question to ponder
Still a question to guide our tomorrows.

Hope you enjoyed this reflection
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  1. Sometimes I used to overtake cars in a jam, on the wrong side. If I think how many people I am upsetting doing this, the gain in time I get from it may be really not worth it. :)
    Things like that may tip our life balance int he wrong direction :(


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