Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Reflection 11 (leaking)


I really like the story of the leaking pot.
I am sure most of u have read it somewhere; here is a synopsis.
There was this servant who had to get water for his master everyday.
One day the servant was scolded by his master for not bringing enough water.
The servant explained that one of his pots was leaking.
The next day the leaking pot felt so guilty and bad and cried on the way back from the lake.
The servant consoled and said: even though you have been leaky for quite a while, look what beautiful flowers have grown on your side of the road. That is thanks to your leaking.

So many of us have minor or major leaks.
Today I encouraged my nieces to think about this story
and to find in their school tomorrow a leaky pot
and try to see the flowers she leaves behind.
I truly hope they can become friends with at least one unpopular kid.

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