Monday, 14 April 2014

Reflection 3 (perfect world)

Perfect world

Some men and women consider the cruel events that are happening in this world as solid evidence that an almighty loving God does not exist. How can a good, almighty God allow the massacres in Syria, the suffering in Gaza, the loss of an airplane, a tsunami? Very difficult to answer.

A little imagination about the opposite of a world with cruelties may shed some light on the issue. How would it be to live in a perfect world?

Let us go on this imaginary trip. We wake up in a perfect world. No illness, no war, no theft, no anger, no pollution, just love, sweetness, pure perfection. Anything we would do or any change we make would only make the world worse because it is perfect already.

What would happen to our motivation?
What would happen to our creativity?
What would happen to our drive?
What would happen to our good intentions?
What would happen to our job satisfaction?
What would happen to our peace of mind?

We humans thrive on creativity, on altruism, on making positive changes. Aren’t these things essential components of success and peace of mind? Making a positive difference in our world seems an essential component of our true happiness. Would a perfect world not be endlessly boring? All doctors and nurses suddenly completely useless... Courts, judges politicians, no need...

It looks like we were made not to live in a perfect world. Rather than an animalistic indulgence in good things, it appears that the good almighty God has intended to share the pleasure of endless creativity with us.

Suffering is here and we can do something to relieve it. Wow
People need help and we can help. Wow
Pain is inflicted and we can use our creativity and knowledge to alleviate it. Wow
Hunger and thirst. We were given food and drinks and are capable of sharing it. Wow.
Sorrow and sadness exists, but we can console. Wow
Loneliness exists but we can love. Wow

Sooner or later, all of us slowly come to be aware that true pleasure and happiness lies in relieving suffering, helping, in alleviating pain, in sharing, in consoling and loving. We will appreciate the great gifts of a loving and almighty God.

In our current reality there are people who need help
In our current reality there are people who are helping
We may move from needing help to helping and back and forth
Surely it is better to be in the helping group but with an open mind we will be grateful for help rendered to us when we truly need it.

Just think for a while. Would we really want a perfect world? Or is the world, as it is, not too bad?

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