Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reflection 15 (beauty)


I remember a Pakistani man coming to my house
He had spots all over his face, white and dark
My first impression: what an ugly man

But then he started to talk
His inner beauty was so great.
When he left, I thought he was a real beautiful human being.

I have written this real story also in poem format:

Back in 1998, a Pakistani man came to my place.
Large white spots all over his pigmented face,
Scarce hairs on his cheeks; so ugly, did he appear
I let him in but not without some fear

He sat down, i gave him a drink and he talked to me
About good deeds and what they were meant to be
About the peace of mind that a good act brings
about this immediate reward for all kind things

He talked about the people returning many times favours
for many of our well meant and kind hearted endeavours
and then also about that peace and beauty
that for all of us may well last into eternity

Mesmerised by the great wisdom he had come to share
I sipped my coffee and became suddenly aware
that this wise Pakistani man in the end
was not ugly but the most beautiful friend

I had come to realise that true beauty does reside
not in the looks we have, but somewhere deep inside

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Hope you enjoyed this reflection
Feel free to share it, use it in any way (perhaps except for commercial purposes)
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