Friday, 5 September 2014

Reflection 102 (deep within)

Deep Within

Deep within our  brain we have an area that makes us feel good
The area gets stimulated when we do something nice or kind
The area gets stimulated when we practice some humble devotion
The area gets stimulated if we manage to inspire somebody or create a smile
Each time it gets these natural stimuli, it tends to grow like a muscle that is used often

Only the peripheries of the area get stimulated through selfish achievements
The peripheries light up only transiently and
their only lasting effect is a hunger for more.
If too long we only stimulate the peripheries the center may atrophy
as is clear from those many wealthy people giving in to suicide

Sometimes people try shortcuts through a variety of drugs
Intense good feelings may follow but in the process the area tends to get destroyed.
It is like causing a short cut to a lamp, a bright light may shine briefly but then the lamp is gone.


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