Monday, 15 September 2014

Reflection 106 (what a feast)


Today I went to eat "roti canai", a Malaysian delicacy, a bit bread-like but eaten warm, usually with curry or something sweet. I did not go and eat it alone. My wife, my son, three brothers of my wife, three nieces, one nephew and one friend joined in the modest meal. It was fun. It was raining outside and we all gathered in the half-open stall not far from the street. Simple and delicious with a lot of small talk and of course a bit of big :) talk.

I personally can enjoy this kind of outings much, much more than going to a party where half or more of the people get drunk, a movie or many other forms of common entertainment.

This outing with a simple meal and cups of tea and cold chocolate milk, was a true feast.

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