Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Reflection 110 (overcoming)


Today I had a wonderful time with my very good "old" friend, Thiyagar.
He is not old but our friendship is longstanding.

He brought up that it is easier to be not good than to be good.
So true:
It is easier to be lazy than hard working
It is easier to take than to give (from early childhood onwards)
It is easier to wake up late than early
and we can go on like this for quite a while.

This is resulting from animal-like needs which focus much on survival.
The important point is that these things do not bring us happiness.

If we want happiness we have to get to a higher level,
beyond our animal needs towards our soul needs.
If we can overcome the need to take and truly start to give,
If we can overcome our need to fight and truly start to love,
If we can overcome the need to relax (to save energy for flight or fight) and become hardworking
We will discover a whole new dimension of life which encompasses peace of mind
which encompasses peace of mind and true happiness.

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