Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sonnet (song of heaven)

The violent waves of the stormy sea break
It is the song of heaven that they sing
Amazing, wonderful music they make
Adorable roars, truly enlight'ning

Heaven is pleased and delights in it all
A heavenly cloud gives the sea a kiss
The horizon, at a distance so small
Embraces the sea, an ocean of bliss

But heavenly songs and heavenly scenes
Without the beautiful image of you
Do not seem complete and so in my dreams
I'm not here alone, but we're here with two

So much I love sounds and sights of the sea
Much more dear's still, the love ‘tween you and me


  1. Dr, as a medical student my self, I have been taught not to be emotionally involved with is known to be dangerous to do so....we were taught that being professional means we have to keep our professional drs....seniors tell us so, drs tell us so, clinicians and non clinicians alike...

    1. Cont....
      I refuse to believe that we can choose what we feel .... And dr...sincerely...I think when compassion is blocked out for being unprofessional.....there must be something we can do ?

    2. Many thanks for the comment. You are very right that the topic is at least controversial but I disagree with the many doctors saying that getting emotionally involved with our patients is dangerous. I am aware I can be wrong about this but here is what I think:
      I think it is a myth that we cannot get emotionally involved with our patients. If I have to counsel parents about the bad prognosis of their child, it makes me really sad. Somehow, sad is not bad. Sadness is a very normal human feeling and unlike what the media want us to believe, we do not have to be happy all the time. There are times for happiness and times for sadness. If we get not too stressed out about being sad, it is a feeling that comes and goes. We will have likely more patients who get better than those who don't and thus have more reasons for happiness than sadness. Perhaps it is dangerous not to get emotionally involved and push away the every sadness to our subconscious mind where it may sit just there and eat our stomach mucosa. :). Perhaps equally dangerous is that we may minimize our empathy if we are too afraid of getting emotionally involved with our patients. Empathy, feeling as if we were in the shoes of our patients, can help us very often to provide comfort in the optimal way for our patients.
      Certainly we should not overdo our emotional involvement. Our emotions should not blur our judgement, we should not be so emotional that the patients have to console us, but up to watery eyes is a very well accepted level of empathy to allow in ourselves.
      This is a very important issue to think about each for ourselves in the medical field. The truth may be different for different personalities.
      Many thanks again for the response. Reflections are often very subjective and I like it if we can have an interesting discussion about our subjective opinions. Please do not hesitate to continue the discussion below

    3. I think I agree we cannot very much control our feelings but we can choose to accept them or get stressed and pressured by them. If get stressed and put pressure on our feelings, our feelings may get stuck. If we accept (even though we may not like that particular feeling), we will give it the space to move on.


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